Know More About Us

I am Tom Hurley the owner of Double H Inspections. Over the last 20+ years, I have worked in construction from labor positions all the way to upper management. I have invested in real estate for the last 10+ years with buying, renovating, renting, and selling houses. This combination of not only knowing the building side of homes but also having insight into what it takes to buy and sell real estate gives me a unique skill set and perspective. I am able to look at each property with knowledge and experience, having done every type of work on a house you can imagine. This allows me to give great insight to my clients while providing them with an unbiased professional opinion.

Giving my customers the most comprehensive and professional home inspection is the only option for Double H Inspections. I have invested in the best software and technology to help make sure that not only the inspection is thorough but that the experience for our customers is second to none. At Double H Inspections we follow the American Society of Home Inspector’s standard of practice. This is one of the most well known and highly regarded associations in the home inspection industry. They provide not only a clear and concise standard of practice but great resources for our clients. You can be assured that by following the ASHI standards we will provide you with a comprehensive home inspection.

Click here to find out more ASHI and their homebuyers guide and homeowners resources.

Why Choose Us

  • Double H Inspections is committed to providing the absolute best customer experience. We will never take a shortcut when it comes to your home inspection.

  • We provide Wyoming Values - We won't compromise our values for anyone. We will give 110% to each and every customer regardless of size, price, or condition of the home.

  • Everything we do is based around providing the best experience for our customers. This makes our reports easy to read, our scheduling simple, and our methods of inspection thorough.

  • Our experience in construction and real estate provide us with an unique view when inspecting a house. We have seen and dealt with many issues over the years and have a keen eye for these.