Radon – what you need to know!

  • Sep, 27 2023
  • doublehinspection

Unseen Threats: Understanding and Mitigating the Health Risks of Radon in Your Home In the realm of home safety, some threats are invisible but potentially lethal. Radon, a colorless and odorless gas, is one such danger that can seep into homes, putting occupants at risk of serious health issues. At Double H Inspections, we believe […]

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Budgeting for home maintenance.

  • Aug, 08 2023
  • doublehinspection

Understanding Average Home Maintenance Costs: Congratulations on your journey to homeownership in the scenic state of Wyoming! As you embark on this exciting adventure, it’s crucial to understand that along with the joy of owning a home comes the responsibility of maintaining it. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the average costs of home […]


S-Trap vs P-trap and why it mattes

  • May, 06 2022
  • doublehinspection

A home inspection includes the visible plumbing systems in the home. This includes the plumbing under sinks. On item we look at is the trap under the sink and make sure it is not leaking but also that it is the proper type of material and design. A common defect noted in plumbing fixtures is […]

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Spring Maintenance Saves You Money

  • Apr, 10 2022
  • doublehinspection

Why spring maintenance is important to your home and can save you money over time.  All the components of your home are slowly failing. From the day they were installed they began the slow breakdown that leads to failure at some point in the future. Your roof, siding, windows, floors, HVAC, electrical systems, appliances, you […]

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Mis-wired sub-panels

  • Mar, 31 2022
  • doublehinspection

A common defect found in home electrical systems is grounds and neutrals terminated on the same bus bar in a sub panel. Here is an explanation of why this can be dangerous. In short Laymen’s terms, if a fault occurs the breaker may not trip and metal components on that circuit (i.e. stove or fridge) […]

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Sewer Scopes for homes built between 1940-1975

  • Mar, 25 2022
  • doublehinspection

Was your home built between 1940 and 1975? If it was there is a very high likelihood that you have an Orangeburg sewer line. Why is this important you might ask? Orangeburg was a wood fibrous and tar material that was brought to prominence after World War 2 when metal was in short supply. This […]

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Add a sewer scope to your home inspection.

  • Jan, 11 2022
  • doublehinspection

A sewer scope is an add on to a standard home inspection where a camera is run down your home’s sewer line to look for issues. This can expose some of the most costly repairs in home ownership. A repair or replacement of a damaged sewer line can cost anywhere $1,500 for a repair upto […]

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Tips for Home Buyers

  • Jul, 26 2021
  • doublehinspection

Are you buying a house and want to make sure that you aren’t missing any steps in the process? Well I am happy to provide you with a list of Tips for Home Buyers from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). Our markets are still moving very quickly in Wyoming and you need […]

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The InterNACHI Buy-Back Guarantee

  • Jun, 22 2021
  • doublehinspection

I want to provide my customers and agents with the assurance that I have their well being at the forefront of every one of my inspections. One way I do that is by participating in InterNACHI’s Buy-Back Guarantee program. As a Certified Professional Inspector trained by InterNACHI—the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors—I’m able to […]

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Home Maintenance Inspections

  • Jun, 16 2021
  • doublehinspection

Home Maintenance Inspections – What are they? A Home Maintenance Inspection is just like a home inspection a buyer would get on a home in a real estate transaction only for homeowners who aren’t selling.  We do these for customers all the time to help find small maintenance items that can easily be corrected before […]